This program provides students with an immersion experience in the field of Arts, the role of museums in our digital society and how digital technology is now at the service of museums, exhibits, and knowledge in general. Museums are doing a surprising discovery and they find that technology is not hindering the appreciation of physical art, it rather provides real and virtual visitors the possibility to experience art in a new way, while bringing exhibits to others that may never set a foot in the institution otherwise.  


Students will have the opportunity to visit different museums, private collections, Galleries, Street Art and alternative artistic urban spaces. They will also be able to meet and talk to art experts in different fields, museum administration, curators, merchants, artists as well as other personalities related to the world of Arts.



  • Visit and learn about some of the most famous and recognized museums in the world.

  • Visit and learn about the importance of smaller prestigious museums and private collections, learn about the industries of the Art Galleries and International Art Festivals that take place in Madrid, in Spain.

  • Learn about the challenges & opportunities that Museums, Galleries, and Exhibits have today and the possible solutions to continue being attractive to the public. 

  • Explore themselves as artists and to open their eyes to possible professional careers in an international environment.  

  • Start building their international network of artists, designers, curators, merchants, museum administrators and art professionals in an international context.

  • Visit, learn and enjoy the rich cultural and artistic heritage of Spain. 

Details of the program

Duration: 1 week (10 days)


Location: Madrid & Alcalá de Henares. (Spain)


Language of Instruction: English/Spanish 

  • Lectures and conferences from experts in different areas.

  • Participation Diploma

  • Online classroom support

  • Full institutions, organizations, and government agencies.

  • Cultural program and trips 

  • Accommodation (university dorms, double occupancy, three meals). 

  • Predeparture orientation program.

  • 24/7 supervision 

  • Health Insurance

Enlla Mercado

"Son cursos desafiantes, y si estás realmente interesado en Marketing, Moda y Cultura, definitivamente los recomiendo ..."

Génesis Rodriguez

"Me encantaron ... los profesores nos han enseñado muy bien, hemos conocido a diseñadores famosos, los grupos pequeños nos han permitido trabajar muy bien ..."

Ana Rosa Gonzalez

"Ha sido una gran experiencia, me encantó trabajar con un pequeño grupo de estudiantes internacionales. Me ha aportado un gran valor ..."


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