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5 IMPORTANT reasons to participate in an international virtual program

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way the world functions, and education has had to adapt to the current situation just like any other field. Mobility restrictions to international travel are an important limitation for both students and institutions when participating in international programs. However, through technology and online programs, education has found a way to cope with this situation and turn this uncertainty into an opportunity. Given that the pandemic will be present, at least, for a large part of 2021, virtual programs will continue to be a great alternative to consider for this year.

We will tell you some of the reasons you may consider for participating in an international virtual program this 2021, which has just begun.

1. Meet people from other countries

Due to the global pandemic, the opportunity to experience different cultures is limited mainly because of international travel restrictions. This situation directly impacts international mobility programs since one of the main attractions is that they allow you to meet and work with people from different parts of the world. However, international virtual programs give us the chance to still experience a multicultural exchange from the comfort of our home.

2. It's a first step towards a Study Abroad experience

Deciding to embark on a study abroad experience is not easy so, participating in an international virtual program may be an excellent way to start. Sharing a class with other international students will help you get to know other peoples and cultures and prepare you for future immersion experiences whenever we can start traveling again.

3. Build up your resume

Participating in international programs or courses is one of the most valuable curricular aspects sought by recruiting companies. It is considered a great opportunity to grow as a person, learn new skills, and adapt to different cultural experiences and contexts. Although it is currently difficult to travel abroad, you can continue working on this differentiating factor and build your soft skills by participating in an international virtual program.

4. They are affordable

We live in uncertain times, and we still do not know what the future will bring and when. One of the consequences is that we all try to be more cautious with expenses and save up for later.

The benefit of these new opportunities is that virtual international programs are more affordable. You can take your classes now and follow up with the travel when we can.

5. It is compatible with the rest of your responsibilities

Last but not least, virtual international courses are compatible with your responsibilities at home; they offer a flexible schedule, and you can take them from home. This means that you do not have to alter significantly the way you live, work or study.

You can go on with your routines while you open your eyes to the world. It is the perfect balance between learning new things while being responsible at home.

To sum up, it seems like this may be the perfect time to sign up for an international virtual program, start meeting people from different countries while you keep on learning about all the things you like. Infinite Spur has adapted all academic programs to the current situation and offers you fascinating virtual international courses and programs that you can take from the comfort of your home. Take advantage of this opportunity and turn the pandemic into a fun opportunity for living and learning. Your future starts now; so, join us in our virtual classroom and start making new friends today!

Enlla Mercado

"Son cursos desafiantes, y si estás realmente interesado en Marketing, Moda y Cultura, definitivamente los recomiendo ..."

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"Me encantaron ... los profesores nos han enseñado muy bien, hemos conocido a diseñadores famosos, los grupos pequeños nos han permitido trabajar muy bien ..."

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"Ha sido una gran experiencia, me encantó trabajar con un pequeño grupo de estudiantes internacionales. Me ha aportado un gran valor ..."


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